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Veronica Mars Series Review

My thoughts on the entire series + movie

by Jason Stettner — Post IX on June 3, 2014

Thankfully with the magic of Netflix I have been able to watch a large number of shows through their entirety that otherwise I would never have been able to. Now when I was that there was a kickstarter for a movie awhile back I thought it sounded like an intersting show and was finally able to watch it this past couple of weeks. I'd have to say that this series is awesome with an amazing cast and overall season arches which create anticipation as each episode strings together in some minor way. I really have no clue why it was ever cancelled as season 3 only set out to evolve the series further and it was really great. The first season was for me the most interesting as the whole solving the murder of her friend was fascinating while Veronica was also living a regular high school life. The really stick out thing for me in this series was the comedy factor that mixed into some gruesome investigations. While any moment could be funny, you were constantly reminded that the show could get serious really quickly. Though at times I felt various relationships got in the way of progress, the supporting cast were all unique in how they developed over the course of seasons which sadly only number 3. Now there was an awesome kickstarted movie from which I just viewed and have to say that while not being anything of a masterpiece it answered questions and amazingly continued the series well. It brought so many familiar faces and a story that was yet again fascinating. If you start the series you will most likely love it and then find the movie ever more awesome. I really do hope the sequel gets greenlit as there were talks of one happening depending on the success of the kickstater project.
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