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My thoughts on the new Lytro Illum

by Jason Stettner — Post X on June 10, 2014

I thought it would be interesting to go over something new on this blog as it really is my mix of whatever site. So I first saw this camera on Fallon's Tonight Show while I was watching a video on Sony's new VR headset. I was actually really fascinated by this device and its unique focus on light field which allows for the creation of dynamic photos that both look stunning and can be easily manipulated for the perfect photo which is quite the craze these days. It's a really neat concept of capturing a main portion and allowing the photgrapher to switch about the photo to some extent beyond the frame of view and to be able to select differing points of a photo to bring focus on a section. Such as the one motorcycle photo on their site where you can select differing spots like the dirt to see it focused and have the background area become more blurred. This is really welcomed and completely different from what other camera companies are currently doing in terms of new technology. The camera itself also sports some fairly impressive processing specs on the actual camera itself instead of full reliance on post desktop editing. It sports a 4" touch screen on the back for really great editing on the go to make sure your photo is exactly how you want it on the spot. Even post production adds to this by allowing 3D design and a number of other animations for various devices that you want to view your pictures on. So back onto thoughts on the actual camera which looks very sleek and is apparently really lite at 2.07 lbs. I'm not huge on specifications on things in the camera field compared to my knowledge of internal computer components, but it definitely is sporting a very nice processor. It really does cover all the bases I would like in photography as it's a bit of a side thing I love doing. Though I do have some issues or well complaints about the device as there's no support for video which has become very much a standard these days with cameras and not a very large zoom at 8X which will work fine and makes sense for the light field technology. So it's very effecient at taking photos with a fairly high price at $1,499 USD with many options of side add-ons to go with it. There's also a contest open to those in the US for taking photos to win prizes so that's worth checking out if you want this camera. So I really wrote this as I was fascinated with the camera and thought it was a nice differing take on photography as I've been looking at getting a new camera recently.
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