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Sad Keanu Reeves

Best of Sad Keanu Reeves

by Jason Stettner — Post XI on October 5, 2014

I created a quick photoshop today which I'll link quickly below this as there was a battle on Kotaku this week for creation of something with Final Fantasy and then I just created this glorious piece. It got me wondering about what other sort of crazy memes or pictures have been created through the magic of photoshop for this hilariously sad original image. So without anything further, lets dive right into the best or well my favorite images of this sort.

The Fault in Our Keanu Sad Meme

Christmas Keanu Sad Meme

Work Keanu Sad Meme

Sims Keanu Sad Meme

Dolphin Keanu Sad Meme

Keanu Sad Meme Original