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Boring Album Art, Made Interesting

by Jason Stettner — Post XIII on April 9, 2015

After adding a couple Lorde songs to my fairly large music collection I was quite disappointed with the boring album art present on her "Pure Heroine" album since it was beyond plain. So I decided to try sprucing up what could be some possible art for my collection which looks great on my IPhone when playing the various songs. Linked those below if you'd like to download them for your own songs. Wouldn't mind making more with some further flaire as these were fairly quick. For full image click on any of them and then download/save from there!

For some background on these, the first image is used on the "Team" song which was a great running joke for my friend and I at the gym. The second one is for "Tennis Court" as we were looking for some more of the Lorde. Finally the third one is what I picked for "400 Lux" which was my favorite artwork here and the others were attempts which ended up neat. They'll probably go into future songs whenever she releases new material in the future.

Lorde Custom Album Art 1 Lorde Custom Album Art 2 Lorde Custom Album Art 3 Lorde Custom Album Art 4 Lorde Custom Album Art 5