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Going to E3 2015

So close to E3!

by Jason Stettner — Post XV on June 9, 2015

I really quite excited to be heading to E3 2015 for my very first time! I've had a ton of events booked for myself and for my site Gamerheadquarters from which I'll be representing there. Really am also surprised at the number of options for which I was able to select bookings from. I'll be headed to some fairly high class game booths and also special VIP after bookings. It will certainly be a blast and I'm really excited particularly to check out all the Xbox content since I've got good ties there and the ability to view many games. I believe at this point my most anticipated title will be Rise of the Tomb Raider though I'm sure many other titles will try for that top title. I'll even be giving out sticker awards since I'm going all out for the show. Additionally I'll be heading to the Microsoft Conference reveal which is where they have a huge 90 minute showing of all the latest games. This is something I've always watched and loved so am really proud to be checking that aspect out the most out of anything. Will be weird not getting all excited by myself since I'll be with other press though I'm sure I'll enjoy it all the same and maybe even more! Well, with that update I'll have more in the future though you can check out my site linked about for coverage on the event and see the other posts on this weird occasional blog!

Rise of the Tomb Raider