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Top 5 ASMR

Top 5 ASMR Videos

All around You

by Jason Stettner — Post XVI on September 10, 2015

Over the last year I've really gotten into the whole ASMR scene in terms of using it to fall asleep. Almost every single night I take a listen to this as it's mostly relaxing, yet it can also be great for learning depending on what the content creator is producing. Over this time period I've listened to multiple ASMR folks, yet I find that Heatherfeather is the best from what I've heard so far. Here are my top five favorite videos that she has produced so far. If you don't know much about ASMR it's a more headphone oriented thing as music is played with 3D effect to simulate a room, hope that's a decent enough start into it. This list has no particular order, they're all great ASMR videos.

Cave of Wonders
Explores some interesting facts for the first portion and splits off into sounds later on. Has a nice echo sound to the background which was great, if you want just sounds I suggest starting at around the 17 minute mark.

Outdoor Walking/Pavement Sounds
Short video that is more with various outdoor sounds including some walking, pavement sounds and more.

Packing Peanuts Dropping
Another short video with some heavenly sounds as packing peanuts drop while hitting one another.

Whispering ear to ear
Half hour video with soft whispers, a hugely popular style of ASMR.

Soft Humming
Some great soft hums and tunes, it was between this or the tuning forks for the final spot.