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CHVRCHES - Every Open Eye Vinyl

CHVRCHES - Every Open Eye

Vinyl Review

by Jason Stettner — Post XVIII on February 27, 2016

CHVRCHES is probably my favorite group at this point as they've only released a couple albums and I have almost the entire selection of songs from both. This is their recent album entitled "Every Open Eye" which was stacked with a number of hits. Songs to check out on this one are "Never Ending Circles"; "Leave a Trace", "Clearest Blue", "Empty Threat", "Down Side of Me", "Bury It", "After Glow" and "Bow Down". It's a long list of songs, but I can just sit there and enjoy basically the whole album while enjoying it. Every Open Eye is an amazing album with a great blend of Lauren Mayberry's lovely voice with nice electronic layers. It's particularly great when listing with headphones or audio set ups to hear the songs from multiple angles. The case for the album was solid without any extras and easy access to the record. The holder has all the song titles with lyrics and each vinyl side is clearly labeled. I was troubled by seeing some black marks on the record as this was brand new so must have been a factory thing or something, but it doesn't affect the music at all. The album cover is simple, but nice enough to look good within the collection. Another great vinyl to check out and really can't suggest this more than enough.

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CHVRCHES - Every Open Eye Vinyl