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Vinyl Review

Vinyl Reviews

Post XVII-XIX: 27/2/2016

I've recently started growing a bit of a vinyl collection since I got a player for Christmas and thought I'd write some thoughts on a couple of the records I've picked up thus far.

Walk the Moon - Walk the Moon
CHVRCHES - Every Open Eye
Of Monsters and Men - Beneath the Skin

Top 5 Asmr

ASMR Top 5

Post XVI: 10/9/2015

Going over 5 of my favorite ASMR videos which are great for relaxing to. Read More..

E3 2015

Heading to E3 2015

Post XV: 9/6/2015

Check out my post about attending E3 2015 which will be my first time at the event Read More..

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Review

Post XIV: 9/4/2015

Reviewing the hilarious and amazing Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 1 available on Netflix Originals. Read More..

Lorde Custom Album Art

Lorde Custom Album Art

Post XIII: 9/4/2015

Created some great custom album art work designs for Lorde songs which can be viewed and downloaded. Read More..

Halo: Master Chief Collection

Halo: Master Chief Collection Launch

Post XII: 16/11/2014

Going over my thoughts on the awful launch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection which we were embraced with this past week. Read More..

Sad Keanu Reeves

Sad Keanu Reeves

Post XI: 5/10/2014

I was working on a quick photoshop for a Kotaku contest and thought it would be best to show some of my favorite sad Keanu Reeves pictures of all time. Read More..

Lytro Illum Thoughts

Lytro Illum Thoughts

Post X: 10/6/2014

I recently saw some footage of the fascinating new Lytro Illum that is currently up for pre-order and thought I would write some of my thoughts on this special new camera. Read More..

Halo: Master Chief Collection

Veronica Mars Series Review

Post IX: 3/6/2014

With the magic of Netflix I was able to watch the entirety of the Veronic Mars series and I thought it was quite wonderful. Would definitely suggest anyone to check it out, more thoughts if you Read More..
QHMR Veronica Mars Movie Review

Halo: Master Chief Collection

Calgary Comic Expo 2014

Post VIII: 27/4/2014

This year I was finally able to go to our local Comic Expo in Calgary which was actually really awesome. Read More..
Full Coverage and Cosplay Photos

Halo: Master Chief Collection

Community Season 5 Review

Post VII: 17/4/2014

The finale Community episode for season five just concluded just some fairly funny parts and a couple great jokes aimed at NBC. Though the real question that those that love Community are faced with every year is whether or not it will return again. Remember, six seasons and a movie! This season was actually really great and a return to what made the show so special with the return of the proper showrunner. It was really great, though felt rushed with the short season and especially the ending which felt too quick. It was basically the establishment of the Subway university empire and then the fall in only an hour. Almost too annoying seeing this plotline getting so shortened. I was very disappointed with the speed and even when it played out the same old story line. There was a big rush with the whole getting married thing between Jeff and Brita. That was just annoying as you knew it wasn't going anywhere and we knew that eventually it would turn full circle towards Annie. I'm for that completely, just Brita and Jeff makes more sense despite being with Annie there is more connection. There were many hilarious moments this year with Community and it's looking up, just these last two episodes were really meh in what they actually did.

Halo: Master Chief Collection

How I Met Your Mother Ending Review

Post VI: 31/3/2014

The ending of How I Met Your Mother finally here and it was the best television I've eber watched while also being the most disappointing. A mix of tragedy with an ending that was outdated for how the show was running, it just disappointed me to ever sense of how it could. From making a joke out of this entire season being a wedding that lead to a quick divorce, the pitiful display towards the mother whom got some random sickness to die. It even really left Barney is absolute termoil and destroyed all the character development he faced over the last fews years, I mean whom is that woman 31? They even turned Robin into some dark and desolate character that somehow just got super famous. This last episode just seemed to leave everyone in despair though it did regrettingly bring everything full circle. It was a well done show, but honestly hurt a bit after watching it for such a long time. The finale was on great pace to be amazing, but ultimately fell short for me as a fan of the series. I was quite impressed with how it covered all the gaps, but that should have been this entire season instead of a stupid wedding they just killed off. After it all I have to say it was great, just I don't know what to say about what it did to the whole series I've been watching for such a damn long time. If you haven't watched just skip that last two minutes and it'll be far better of a show.

Halo: Master Chief Collection

The Walking Dead Season 4 Review

Post V: 30/3/2014

Another season of The Walking Dead has come to an end with a fairly crazy conclusion to be honest. Season four started out strong, though for me the second half severely lacked and almost had me give up on the show entirely. It was very weak and focusing on things that were unnecessary because I believe they had simply run out of ideas. Even the ending was quite predictable, though very well done and sets up the show nicely for the next season. I mean we got to see Rick go all teeth out and have an episode focused entirely on the core cast of the show. They definitely took the smarter approach to check out Terminus, but were at the end still outwitted. They should have at least fought back or something from all the fire, yet eventually they were just herded into a container to where the troops are riled up by a speech taken directly from the comics though tamed for television. It was just a very well done episode that helped a bit with all the boring ones that had went on before it. Can't wait to see how it is picked up next season and the intensity of how the gang will deal with those cannibals. Yes they were cannibals, did you not see the damn corpses lying around?

Halo: Master Chief Collection

Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 1 Review

Post IV: 26/3/2014

A double post? Well not only did I finish the Clone Wars today my new favorite and well only show I liked this past year has come to a close. Mixing the scene of the Brooklyn Nine Nine with an awesome comedy cast has provided a very funny mix-up in my television watching and provided me with a half-hour to watch on Tuesdays. I thought the ending of the show was really well done and left a great cliff hanger for the second season which has thankfully been greenlit. It should be awesome to see where it goes from here and I actually did find each episode to be quite good whereas other shows seem to be all lopsided this year for some strange reason. If you haven't watched it I definitely suggest at least checking it out, it's quite hilarious.

Halo: Master Chief Collection

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Ending Review

Post III: 26/3/2014

The last week I have, with great haste been rolling through the entirety of the Clone Wars which has recently been available to stream on Netflix. Originally I thought nothing of it and decided to just watch a couple of episodes to see if it was something I was interesting in. From there I was instantly hooked and craved more of the show as it catered quite well to all Star Wars audiences. It was a lot more adult then I would have realised and I am more than happy that I was able to watch it all together in a row. I am a tad disappointed that there won't be anymore as it ended on a rather quick note, but attempted to tie off what it could. Basically a damn you again to Disney, I just was really interested in what happened to these characters and especially Ahsoka which really has no further information about her details. It was a really well developed show and its killing me not to know how it should properly end.

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Visiting Cancun and the Chichen Itza

Post II: 20/3/2014

So I recently went to Mexico, or well the Cancun area and have decided to share a solid shot I took of the area. The Chichen Itza was one of the areas that I had demanded the family to go visit as I absolutely love old ruins, though I was slightly disappointed by the limited viewing and the mass amount of people selling fake goods along the sides. Overall the journey was great though it was a really long venture that took a good 12 hours and that was mostly due to the car ride as it was far off. No one cared to mention there was a closer distances!

Halo: Master Chief Collection

My Beautiful new Cruze!

Post I: 15/10/2013

Am really having too much happiness in life, which is actually quite worrying to some extent. Got a sick new car which is a beauty red 2011 Sporty Cruze, it is truly a lovely vehicle. Other than that things just seem to be looking up in all aspects in comparison to the last year whichwas rather dark. Innovation and upgrades throughout my life just seem to improve everything, that great satisfaction of purchasing items while living luxuriously helps. Anyways I am also writing and hope that this great piece of literature may be appreciated someday, just reflects on current life.